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Tree Avenue of Understanding/Alej porozumění

The Tree Avenue of Understanding with 68 deciduous trees was planted by diplomats alongside with citizens from Hostivice and Jeneč and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Tomáš Petříček on Saturday, October 17. Together, they restored the extinct footpath (chýňská pěšina) and helped the landscape return to its historic character, which had served as a link between Chýně and the neighboring village of Jeneč since immemorial times. Photos and videos from the planting are available here.

By planting a 700-meter-long alley, diplomats helped realize their countries' commitments to mitigating the effects of climate change. The collective action was also intended to highlight the importance of cooperation and understanding between states in tackling global problems and involving citizens in solving them. The new tree alley serves as a barrier against strong winds and erosion.

The original footpath, still visible on maps from the 19th century, was destroyed during the period of collectivization and the consolidated land was used for agricultural farming. The renewal of the footpath divided the large field and support the natural return of animals to the suburban area. To prevent the terminals of newly planted trees from breaking, crutches for predators were installed along the alley.

The new route is available not only to the locals, but also to pilgrims coming from the railway station in Jeneč to the Franciscan monastery Hajek.

The planting was organized by the city of Hostivice in cooperation with Nadace Partnerství and under the auspices of Minister of Foreign Affairs Tomáš Petříček. The realization was ensured by Paměť krajiny.