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We will turn your gifts into investments in the future!

Why support us?

We have a challenge for you. Are you with us?

We want to support planting of 10 million trees. Every tree counts. Support those who plant trees and donate future to your friends and loved ones. Thanks to your donation, we will be able to help volunteers plant trees in a suitable place.

More than 16,000 people have already joined the planting. Be part of the transformation of the Czech landscape and cities and join us too!

Support planting of trees in the Czech Republic

We have been helping people with their environmental projects for more than 15 years. Join us and help us bring life back to the Czech landscape.

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1 000 Kč – fruit tree

I want to pay with DMS

Are you looking for a simple and regular form how to support nature? Each DMS will move us closer to the goal of 10 million trees. You have sent us over 21,000 DMS in the last year. Thanks to everyone!


Please send an SMS message DMS TRV STROM 30 or DMS TRV STROM 90 to the telephone number 87 777.

One time

Please send an SMS message DMS STROM 30 or DMS STROM 90 to the telephone number 87 777.

Where is your help going?

A tree is not just the cost of a seedling. You always know what your gifts are going towards. This is guaranteed by the Partnership Foundation, the coordinator of the initiative.

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