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Offer land for planting

Even two hands are sometimes not enough. Do you have seedlings, tools or your land lying fallow? Click and offer them to others.

How does offering land work?

Offer land

Do you have land on which you would like to plant trees, but you lack the resources, time or energy to organise and carry out the planting, or is the land far from you? Would you mind lending the land to a group of volunteers to plant for you (or perhaps with your participation)? If so, you can offer your land on our website by filling out the form above. The land will be displayed on our map and will be visible to those who are looking for a place to plant trees. Through the contact form on the page, potential applicants will be able to contact you. The rest of the deal is up to you. Keep in mind that the life of a tree is long ( they require care, especially in the first years) and their benefits will only become apparent after a few years, so think carefully if you really want to reserve the place for trees.

What land is suitable for planting:
Before you decide to spend your time offering land, make sure it is suitable for planting trees. Above all, the land must be large enough so that the planting can be placed a distance of at least 3 metres from the land border. The size of the space for one tree and the suitability of a particular habitat depends on the species that will be planted there, in general around 25 m2 per fruit tree (apple tree), about 40 m2 per mature deciduous tree (linden). (You can find a more detailed description of the requirements of individual types of planting in our methodologies).

PLEASE DO NOT OFFER FOREST LAND, (except for forest soil outside of the forest, see shelter belts and windbreaks).

Important precautions:
Ensure that the land is easily accessible and, if it is necessary to cross the boundaries of the surrounding land during planting and subsequent care, obtain permission from the land owners. It is also a good idea to let your neighbours know your plan in advance so that misunderstandings can be avoided.We recommend that you clearly agree in advance on the conditions of planting and aftercare with volunteers, so that they take place to the general satisfaction of all. Consider printing and signing your agreement.

Notice: The Environmental Partnership Foundation only mediates the connection between the entity that offers the land for planting trees and that requests it. In no case is it responsbile for the planting process, the mutual agreement of the subjects, or any problems arising therefrom.

Notice ad2: Pursuant to Section 507 of the new Civil Code 89/2012, the owner of the land is the owner of the tree and he is also legally responsible for the condition of the tree. Follow-up care must be agreed between the owner and planter. (In the event that the planter received a subsidy for planting, it is responsible for follow-up care for at least the period specified in the subsidy title).

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