We will turn your gifts into investments in the future!

tree as a gift

Where is your help going?

A tree is not just the cost of a seedling. You always know what your gifts are going towards. This is guaranteed by the Partnership Foundation, the coordinator of the initiative.

Support the planting of trees
in the Czech Republic

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One time

Please send an SMS message “DMS STROM 30,” “DMS STROM 60” or “DMS STROM 90” to the telephone number 87 777.


Please send an SMS message “DMS TRV STROM 30,” “DMS TRV STROM 60” or “DMS TRV STROM 90” to the telephone number 87 777. You can cancel your support at any time by sending “STOP STROM” to the same telephone number.

The DMS costs 30, 60 or 90 CZK. The recipient of your support will receive 29, 59 or 89 CZK. The Donor SMS service is provided by the Donors' Forum.​

Do you want to see how are we doing? Check out our transparent account.

Sapling as a gift

It is not like a usual gift. Thanks to you, a tree will grow. A tree that will help cool overheated Czech cities and retain water in the landscape and bring life back to them!

Make your loved ones happy with a celebratory certificate of a donation thanks to which a tree for the future will be planted. The Partnership Foundation will help plant it together with local volunteers this year. You can choose the amount of your support from the options below.

300 CZK
educational cut
500 CZK
watering bag
600 CZK
fruit tree
1 000 CZK
broad-leaved tree
3 000 CZK
thank you
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