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We couldn't do it alone! A number of other groups, companies, and individuals are involved in the project. Join us!

Environmental Partnership Foundation

The Plant for the Future initiative was founded and is coordinated by the Environmental Partnership Foundation. Through the initiative, it fulfills its mission in creating partnerships and strengthening the capacity of individuals and communities to actively care for the environment.

The Ministry of the Environment

The Ministry of the Environment is one of the co-founders of the idea Planting for the Future. It actively supports our efforts throughout the initiative. It is spearheading the Legislative Group Planting for the Future.

Become a partner

Financial Partners of the initiative

Financial Partners of plantings

Partners for plantings

Expert partners

Media Partners

The financial partners of the initiative contribute to the fulfillment of the goals and development of the Planting for the Future project, and thus turn our ideas into actions.

Planting financial partners support the planting in local communities throughout the country, helping to bring life back to the Czech countryside and cities.

Planting partners help to spread the idea of the initiative, connect us with their contacts, and thus contribute to the fulfillment of individual goals.

Professional partners work with us to create methodological manuals for quality tree planting and care for them, they advise us on specific topics and work in the legislative group.

Media partners get us into their media space and databases, raising awareness of the initiative and its results.

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