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Hrabovjanka. The park that everyone would like to

Jana Batelková and Jana Václavíková

Hrabovjanka. The park that everyone would like to

Metre high nettles, broken trees, garbage as far as the eye could see. The neglected piece of floodplain forest at the end of Mlynářská Street in Ostrava-Hrabová looked very uninviting. It only changed thanks to two women from Ostrava.

They walked around and said to themselves: How nice it would be if we had a park here instead of a dump! Jana Batelková and Jana Václavíková from Ostrava-Hrabová thus created a place - a forest park, where people go to relax today. They call it Hrabovjanka.


"In the real estate cadastre, we first found out who was the owner and administrator of the land, and then we applied for subsidies. Communication with the city was easy, they even offered to help fill in the forms, "recalls Jana Batelková.

As soon as the creators received the subsidies, they approached landscape architects. They advised them what the park might look like. Volunteers again helped with the landscaping.

"We couldn't do it without them," Batelková muses. "We had to remove 14 tons of waste from the land. Yes, it was very demanding, we devoted a year and a half of our lives to the project, but we would do it again. From being a landfill, the park is now full of life - people, birds, squirrels… It exceeded our expectations. "


The park is dominated by a gazebo made of willow and also the Hrabovjan Tree of Freedom, which was planted by the creators of the project on the day of the grand opening.

The forest park is lined by the Zyf stream. There are benches, birdhouses, feeders, swings and a zip line. In addition, naturalists have found that a critically endangered species, the pond bat and the highly endangered species of nathusius's pipistrelle and common pipistrelle bats fly over the site.


The creators of the project themselves, who founded the Zelená Hrabová association. "People forget to do something for others just like that, we wanted to inspire them. And we are very happy to pass on tips and advice to others as well, "adds Batelková.

Jana Batelková and
Jana Václavíková

They didn't like the surroundings of their home. They decided to change it.

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