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Tasov Fruit Alley


Tasov Fruit Alley

The landscape of the White Carpathians is synonymous with old orchards and solitary fruit trees.

Gradually, however, these woody plants have disappeared from the borders and meadows. It seemed that the former alley "" Třešňovka "" near the village Tasov would remain only in the memories of witnesses. However, the local mayor decided to revive the cherry alley. And it worked!

"The main idea was to plant the original varieties of fruit trees on the spot and create a natural place that will be used for walks by our citizens, mitigate wind erosion and at the same time it will be possible to taste some fruit from the tree," Mayor Vlastimil Falešník mentions the main impulse. led to the idea of ​​establishing an alley on the site of the old "" Třešňovka ".

But the matter was not easy. It was necessary to terminate the lease agreement for the said land, prepare the project and obtain the opinions of the authorities concerned. However, administrative issues were eventually resolved. Since March 2017, the village has been decorated with 80 walnut, cherry, pear and rowan trees.

The fruit alley was planted on municipal land, which goes between two large fields managed by an agricultural cooperative. The tree line thus contributes to protection against erosion. The maintenance association helps with the care of the trees. The planting of fruit trees was also welcomed by children from the local kindergarten. They now go for walks in it and look forward to the summer when they will be able to pick fresh fruit. Article

author: Anežka Slavotínková


The mayor of Tasov decided to revive the former alley. And it worked!

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