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Plantings in Říčany

Vladimír Kořen

Planting of alleys and shelter belts in Říčany

400 trees and almost 13,500 shrubs were added to the landscape around Říčany near Prague in 2019.

The local town hall decided to fight drought and erosion by restoring alleys, shelter belts and freely accessible orchards of old fruit varieties. In some places, the newly planted trees will also serve as a "living filter" and will shield family houses from noise and pollutants from the nearby highway.

It was not a unique event, but four large planting projects. The first of which was the "Alley of the Residents of Říčany", where any of the inhabitants could plant their tree and at the same time contribute to the subsequent care by adopting it. "After the success of the Alley of the "Residents of Říčany", we decided to continue greening the landscape and gradually planted land with a total area of ​​20 hectares. Our goal is to restore field roads, and the local varied landscape character, we plan another wave of plantings in 2020, "specifies the mayor of Říčany Vladimír Kořen.

The city used its own land for planting. All that was needed was to look for the lost field roads in the cadastral maps and terminate the contracts of the farmers. The funds were obtained from the subsidy of the Operational Program of the Environment, or from corporate donors.

Vladimír Kořen

Mayor of Říčany near Prague, television publicist and presenter, populariser of science and the environment in the Czech Republic.

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