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Trees and climate change

Maybe the tree you planted will provide shade for the inhabitants of the hot city in the future. Maybe the shelter belt you renewed will help retain necessary water.

Why increasing emissions are a problem

The climate has always changed over time, but this time it is clear from measurements that human activity is the main contributor to global warming. For this reason, it is necessary to focus on eliminating the cause, ie reducing the concentration of CO2 and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. This is a global problem that will require the global involvement and cooperation of each of us.In the Czech Republic, the transition from fossil fuels used in energy to renewable sources and low-carbon energy seems to be crucial. This would bring, among other things, many other benefits, such as improved air quality.

Drought, heat, extreme events

Climate change has many negative consequences that we can already see in our country today. Persistent drought threatening farmers' crops and our forests, declining groundwater levels, tropical days and nights in cities that are becoming uninhabitable. By behaving differently, society can make the effects change. At the same time, however, we must be able to adapt to changing conditions.

How will trees help?

They cool their surroundings  
Thanks to the shade and the evaporation of water from its leaves, the tree can cool its surroundings by several degrees.
They humidify the air  
In summer, the tree can evaporate up to 400 litres of water per day, which has a positive effect on the humidity of the local microclimate.
They provide shade  
Especially in the summer heat, the treetops provide pleasant shade. It is much better than, for example, the shade under a tarpaulin or parasol thanks to the multi-layered crown of a tree full of leaves. Even trees with a relatively sparse crown can reflect up to 80% of sunlight.
They filter dustThey filter dustThey filter dustThey filter dust  
A large deciduous tree can capture up to two tons of dust particles per year, which it gradually drains into the soil. In this way, especially in the city, it can significantly help us with air quality.
They protects us from noise  
Trees can dampen vibrational waves (such as the sound of traffic), and thus help protect us from noise.
They allow water to seep in  
If the soil around the tree is not too compacted, the tree helps to absorb rainwater thanks to its root system. This contributes, among other things, to replenishing groundwater supplies.
They improve soil quality  
The trees aerate soil with their roots and provide space for the organisms needed to regenerate the soil, which have almost disappeared from the industrially cultivated fields.
They store CO2 in the wood mass  
During the process of photosynthesis, trees store molecules of carbon dioxide trapped from the air in the wood mass. In this way, they help us reduce the concentrations of this gas in the atmosphere and thus fight global warming.

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