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Register planted trees

Plant, care, register. If you want to revive the Czech landscape, every tree counts! Add your planting and become part of those who #sazibudoucnost. For resilient cities and a healthy landscape

Why register

Add planting

By registering a tree you have planted, your tree will be added to our interactive map and will count towards the 10 million new trees in our country. Please register trees planted outside the forest since 2019 (from plantings on forest land we only count shelterbelts up to 500 m2 and windbreaks).

We count all the trees not only in our mop counter, but also the personal results of the planters for the individual categories of the "Golden Spade" challenge. The aim is to measure who planted the most trees in a given year and who stands in the long run. We want to appreciate the voluntary work of municipalities, associations, companies, farmers and individuals.

On the contrary, we do not include trees planted on the basis of a legal obligation (replacement plantings, reclamation) in the evaluation of the competition. However, each tree has its own adaptive meaning, so we will be very happy if you register them and we will be able to include them in the total number of planted trees on our interactive map.

Thanks to everyone who #sazibudoucnost with us!