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About the Initiative

We are planting 10 million trees to support the resilience of cities and promote healthy landscapes. Have a look at how, and with who, we are collaborating, to accomplish it.

How Planting for the Future began

Behind the start of the Planting for the Future initiative was the success of the Trees of Freedom campaign, by which the Environmental Partnership Foundation contributed to the 100 year anniversary celebrations of the founding of Czechoslovakia. Whilst searching for the contemporary witness trees, in the power of the stories of our ancestors who planted them, and in the planting of new trees in the autumn of 2018 (in total of 7,755), we experienced enormous support and love of the people for their homeland and its trees. We began thinking about how to convert this positive energy associated with the past into an initiative focused on the future. In the context of today's climate challenge, trees are not just positive symbols. They are an effective tool for mitigating the effects of climate change.

The decisive impulse for our entire team, including myself, was the atmosphere among the five hundred participants at the planting of the hundred linden tree Alley of Freedom under Říp (a historically important Czech mountain) on the 100th anniversary of the founding of Czechoslovakia on Saturday, November 17, 2018. "There were students, families, scouts, bankers, representatives of companies, politicians, and many locals involved, I had an immense desire and need to take this human energy and redirect it into a future project. I thought that if every citizen of the Czech Republic would plant a tree, those new 10 million trees could help improve the health of our landscape, the climate of our cities and spread positivity among the people involved."

And so we decided to find out if it would be possible. The breaking point was, when the minister of the Environment was enthused by the idea and decided to support it with his ministry. Before we launched the project, strategical meetings were held with competent experts, representatives of municipalities and state institutions to verify the feasibility of our intention to plant 10 million trees, outside of forests, within 5 years, and the conditions under which it could be achieved.

We do not want to be, and cannot be, alone in this task. We have support from the Ministry of the Environment. Our general partner of the Tipsport Foundation helps us with the promotion of the project. Behind us are active mayors, teachers, associations, responsible companies, esteemed experts and infectious enthusiasts. If we do it together, we cannot fail.

We want to connect everyone who is already planting trees, and help others who want to help and are searching how. We also know that, especially with regard to drought, it is necessary to take long-term care of trees, which must be guaranteed when planning plantings. The mere acquisition of a mature tree and its planting represents only a third of the total cost until it is safely established. Join in with your own projects and help to plant the future of your children, grandchildren, friends, hometowns and landscapes that you love.


He is a co-founder of the Partnership Foundation, which he led for 25 years until April 2019, when Petr Kazda took over the executive management. Under his leadership, the Partnership Foundation was able to support over 3,600 projects in the amount of 440 million CZK. He directed the foundation to live its mission, among other things, by realising the vision of a carbon-neutral Open Garden complex. He believes that change can be achieved with a critical mass of positive examples. He also took part in Veronica's projects in his hometown of Hostětín, to which he directed Prince Charles's visit in 2010. He is currently working on strategic development and key projects, such as the Planting for the Future initiative. Partnership Foundation #sazibudoucnost

The brand is owned by the Environmental Partnership Foundation

The Planting for the Future brand is apolitical and, as such, may not be used to represent political parties and specific politicians. Any other subjects involved in the Planting for the Future initiative agree with the spreading of the brand and preserving its good reputation, also they are commited not to missuse the brand for representation of a green aproach which they have put more resources into fulfilling than the primary goal itself.

Goals of the initiative

There is a lot of work behind each planted tree. Have a look at what we want to achieve and what are we doing to achieve it.

Plant 10 million trees

One Czech citizen, one tree

We want to connect all those who plant trees in the republic. Whether they are municipalities and cities, associations, state institutions, companies, schools, farmers or landowners, volunteers and donors. Only together we can achieve the goal of planting 10 million trees outside of the forest, over the next 5 years. We want help to cool down Czech cities and support the resilience of the Czech landscape from the effects of climate change.

Finance for planting

We are moving the possibilities of financing tree planting to the lower branches so that they are more accessible and understandable for common people. We bring together public, foundations and private resources, and present them in one place on our website. We get donor finances transparently and efficiently where trees are most lacking

Quality planting and follow on care

Having planted trees, it does not end there, quite the contrary. In order for the trees planted today to survive in the coming years, we must take care of their consistent and long-term protection and watering. The same emphasis needs to be placed on the appropriate species choice for different locations, because many original tree species may no longer withstand the extremes of the weather in the future. Inspiration in the care of trees is also our traditional Tree of the year contest, which is part of the Planting for the future initiative.

Empower collaboration

We provide information on the availability of financing, methodological and legislative support for planting. We offer a space for those who seek help, land or resources to meet with those who offer it. We want to encourage the sharing of capacities and knowledge through examples of good practice and inspiring stories of men and women who plant trees.

Amendments of related legislation

Trees in the streets, along roads and above fields lose in conflicts with often contradicting departmental laws and regulations. That is why we are working to remove legislative and other barriers that prevent the planting of new trees and the preservation of existing ones.

Who is in it with us?

We couldn't do it alone. A number of other groups and organisations, companies and individuals are involved in the project. Join us too!

Our partners
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