We are planting
10 million trees
to promote resilient cities
and healthy landscapes

Our Goals

  trees are newly growing

Thanks to planters


Who plants for the future

Cities and villages 
Citizens and organisations 
Public institutions 

Inspirational stories

Jana Batelková and
Jana Václavíková
Hrabovjanka. The park that everyone would like to
Metre high nettles, broken trees, garbage as far as the eye could see. The neglected piece of floodplain forest at the end of Mlynářská Street in O...
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Tasov Fruit Alley
The landscape of the White Carpathians is synonymous with old orchards and solitary fruit trees.
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Vladimír Kořen
Plantings in Říčany
400 trees and almost 13,500 shrubs were added to the landscape around Říčany near Prague in 2019.
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Celebrities who stand
for the future

Sázíme Budoucnost

Environmental Partnership Foundation

The Plant for the Future initiative was founded and is coordinated by the Environmental Partnership Foundation. Through the initiative, it fulfills its mission in creating partnerships and strengthening the capacity of individuals and communities to actively care for the environment.

The Ministry of the Environment

The Ministry of the Environment is one of the co-founders of the idea Planting for the Future. It actively supports our efforts throughout the initiative. It is spearheading the Legislative Group Planting for the Future.

The brand is owned by the Environmental Partnership Foundation

The Planting for the Future brand is apolitical and, as such, may not be used to represent political parties and specific politicians. Any other subjects involved in the Planting for the Future initiative agree with the spreading of the brand and preserving its good reputation, also they are commited not to missuse the brand for representation of a green aproach which they have put more resources into fulfilling than the primary goal itself.

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